Euro 2016

09-06-2016 17:03

Challenge "Championship Soccer 2016 Europe" to be held in France
(10 June to 10 July 2016).

The Challenge is to contact the maximum different TEAM's assets that are TOTAL 34.

CAUTION the Activators will give No. Prog and receiving confirmation of it,

No said say to station "" IN THE LOG ""

Two Special QSL will be made for this event (Team & Stadium).

The Activators can also Hunting and in this case they will send 2 sheets of LOG.
             Dates Challenge
        - Beginning June 10, 2016 - 08:00 GMT
        - End July 10, 2016 - 23h00 GMT

Only official logs will be accepted for this challenge (Link).

- Hunters ranked.
- Activators ranking.

The top ten ranking of each will be rewarded.


Log_Euro-2016.xls (188928)










The leaves of LOG's Hunters and Activators are downloadable from the website SD / France

and will be sent with No. Prog received (NO QSLs)
by E-mail or Poste before August 31, 2016
 (Beyond that date no LOG will be accepted, postmark as proof).

Address for LOGs via Internet:

Address for LOGs papers:

Jean Jacques

Po Box 16

60112 Milly sur Therain




Team N° By Call
Albanie T1 14SD704 14SD/T1
Allemagne T2 14SD132 14SD/T2
Angleterre T3 26SD117 26SD/T3
Autriche T4 14SD206 14SD/T4
Belgique T5 14SD210 14SD/T5
Croatie T6 328SD101 328SD/T6
Espagne T7 14SD380 14SD/T7
France T8 14SD472 14SD/T8
Hongrie T9 14SD247 14SD/T9
Irlande du Nord T10 14SD177 14SD/T10
Islande T11 14SD387 14SD/T11
Italie T12 1SD171 1SD/T12
Pays de Galles T13 163SD117 163SD/T13
Pologne T14 14SD042 14SD/T14
Portugal T15 31SD101 31SD/T15
Rép. d’Irlande T16 29SD001 29SD/T16
Rép. Tchèque T17 1SD135 1SD/T17
Roumanie T18 1SD104 1SD/T18
Russie T19 50SD001 50SD/T19
Slovaquie T20 14SD120 14SD/T20
Suède T21 20SD326 20SD/T21
Suisse T22 14SD139 14SD/T22
Turquie T23 31SD122 31SD/T23
Ukraine T24 14SD197 14SD/T24

Stades By Call
Allianz Riviera 14SD292 14SD/AR
Parc des Princes 14SD212 14SD/PP
Stade de France 14SD160 14SD/SF
Stade Pierre Mauroy 14SD259 14SD/PM
Stade Vélodrome 14SD262 14SD/SV
Stade Geoffroy Guichard 14SD136 14SD/GG
Stade des Lumières 14SD770 14SD/SL
Stadium Toulouse 14SD594 14SD/ST
Stade Bordeaux Atlantique 14SD014 14SD/BA
Stade Bollaert 14SD176 14SD/SB